Is crossfit right for me?

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You'll find the best book of ra online kostenlos here, you have time to get it! Do you want to lose weight?  Do you want to have more energy?  Are you tired of going to the gym and looking at a sea of equipment?  Are you tired of reading routines in Flex® magazine that are too hard, too lengthy, too complex, and lack results?  Do you want a qualified, knowledgeable coach to assist you as you learn various movements?  Would you like to go to the gym, without fear of judgment, and be supported in your efforts?  Do you get bored doing the same thing every day?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, CrossFit might be for you. Go to our website: lightning link slots free online. Hurry up to go and start winning.  Visit CrossFit Emerald Isle and learn for yourself about what CrossFit really is.  We guarantee you will like it.  We are so confident that CrossFit will provide results, we offer a free one-week membership to anyone that lives in Carteret, Onslow, Jones, or Craven county.  Try us for one week, and see what the difference between going to the gym, jumping on a few machines, and riding the elliptical machine and CrossFit is.

Our training process

At CrossFit Emerald Isle we are not making Olympians. We are not making world champion weightlifters. We are not making world class sprinters, nor are we making collegiate gymnasts.  What we are doing is training everyday people to be better.  Better at life.  Better at fishing, shopping, cleaning the yard, playing with our children and our grandchildren.  Our CrossFit members do better as active duty service members, first responders, businessmen, swimmers, divers, real estate agents, and local community members.

CrossFit is infinitely scalable.  What does that mean?  It means that your first day, the coaches at CrossFit Emerald Isle will assist you in finding the right weight, the right number of repetitions, the right movement, so that you can train to your potential, that day.  Each day small gains are made, and as you get better, the coaches at CrossFit Emerald Isle will assist you and ensure that you receive the maximum benefit.

CrossFit is efficient.  In one hour’s time, we take a small class through a warm up, teach the movements for the day, and run the Workout Of the Day (WOD).  In one hour, you will likely be more productive than you are in one week at your standard gym.  All of this happens under the watchful eye of the fully qualified coaches.

CrossFit is varied.  From day to day, the exercises vary.  Do you have what we like to call “GADD“ (Gym Attention Deficit Disorder)?  If doing the same thing all the time, week in and week out makes you want sit on the couch and do nothing, pluck your eyebrows, or perhaps pull weeds instead, check us out at CrossFit Emerald Isle.  Each WOD is designed to train the entire body, using movements commonly found in nature.  Picking things up of the floor, pulling, squatting, pushing, swinging.  Movements we will all execute until we are pushing Daisies.

CrossFit works the ten general physical skills, and does so across the board.  Jim Crawley and Bruce Evans of Dynamax defined these 10 skills as  Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.  CrossFit attempts to train these 10 physical skills through the integration of movements.  At CrossFit Emerald Isle the WOD is planned with safety and efficacy in mind.  Movement standards are taught, and as our members move through the WOD, the watchful eye of our coaches ensure that they are safely executing movements, ensuring the maximum results, in the most efficient way possible.

try crossfit for free

Come in to CrossFit Emerald Isle and join a class.  Your first week is on us.  If you’re still not sure, come in and observe a class, and talk to any of our members and ask what they think.  The easiest way to find out, it to give it a shot.

Josh Wells has 14 years of experience competing and coaching in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. As an international level lifter, he was a member of the Jr. Pan-American Team (2003) and a member of the Junior World Team (2004). In 2009 he received his Master’s of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology.


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