One Way to Get Muscular – Or Not

Everyone wants to look better – I get that, I understand that, and I even support that.

I support that because looking better is generally equated with better health, better fitness, better body composition, more muscles, less body fat, grooming, and a few other controllable factors.

With the digital age came digital cameras, DSLR’s, phones, pocket cameras, etc. This brought the ability to manipulate photography, create graphics, and make the almost perfect picture, well, perfect!

Even better, it gave the ability of photographers to take their less than perfect subjects and make them, well, perfect!

This is sort of cool, except that in the end, what we are left with is a facade, BUNK as I like to call it. As advertising and marketing reaches every possible forum – television, internet, billboards, even the menus in our restaurants, we become prey to the the continuing line of CRAP that comes with it.
At CCSC, we promote health, longevity of quality of life, increased happiness through the same means, independence into your senior years. We want you to be free to move about, avoid the most scary of all demises – a prisoner in your own feeble body that has failed you, leaving you alone in a nursing home, wondering where your teeth are, and failing to recognize your children or your spouse of 50 years.

We promote health through hard work, and barbell training is the basis. We tell you that it is difficult, we promise you results if you do what we ask you to do. We know that the aesthetic changes follow the functional changes, and we do not worry about those changes, because hard working clients know that those come with time, hard work, and dedication.

Recently, some little twit named Justin Beiber was the model in a Calvin Klein underwear shoot.

I googled this little boy, and Wikipedia informed me that his is 20 years old, 21 in March 2015. I’ve heard of this puny little weirdo in the past, I’m sure he was involved in some stupid escapade that resulted in his arrest. I’m guessing he blamed his parents, or society, or the drugs, or the alcohol, or perhaps the stress of being a multi-millionaire. I have no idea to be truthful. (I really don’t).

What I do know is this, these photos of this silly little boy dressed up (naked actually) appearing to be a man are representative of much of what we at CCSC are battling every day.

Marketing will do anything to sell you what they want you to buy. They will give immature little boys pocket rockets, abz, a big strong back, a strong looking muscular chest, a jumping booty, body hair, it even makes crappy tattoos look good.

All you gotta do is buy Calvin Klein underwear and you’ll have a body that makes even the most casual of observers, stop, marvel, crave, and seek what you have.

You know this is true because you have 8 pairs of the Calvin Klein underwear in your drawer, one for each day of the week, and an extra pair in case you soil yourself while gazing on the new you while shaving in the morning. For the females that are reading, you only hope your man will buy a few pairs. I know it, you know it, let’s move on!


Folks, these images we are inundated with daily are BS. They are not true, they are doctored – changed for the good of one thing – the company that posted them, and no one else. Calvin Klein doesn’t care what you look like, doesn’t think you will look better in their underwear, and neither does anyone else that promotes lies in an effort to sell their wares.

Real changes happen through hard work, day in and day out. You will fail, you will have hard days, you will succeed over the long run.

Quit looking at the lies in magazines and elsewhere, get into the gym, pick up something heavy, and improve yourself – for you.

If you want to fill out your underwear more – get photoshop or a piece of sausage.

If you want to see just how much is done to market the lies, check out this website.

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